Workforce Productivity & Business Continuity in Uncertain Times

Enterprise Technology Orchestration (ETO) has always been the cornerstone of a well structured IT ecosystem. In recent weeks, ETO has become even more relevant with the changing dynamic and uncertainty that permeates the world today, particularly as businesses, education, and government agencies transition to supporting mobile and remote-first workforces. 

In addition to enabling the right collaboration tools, ETO is increasingly becoming a core competency to support remote workers. Many IT leaders have recently alluded to a complete lack of process and oversight while employees take their working infrastructure (PCs, monitors, etc.) home for the foreseeable future or order entire new kits to be shipped to their homes for their new WFH reality. If asset tracking processes aren’t followed, these resources can only be reclaimed through the “honor system”.  ETO at scale requires people adhering to established processes backed by a comprehensive and fully-integrated system that can cover the entirety of the enterprise IT estate. Knowing what hardware has been purchased, what’s in inventory, what installed software is in place by use and OS, what is the security profile for each asset, who owns what where, what SaaS tools are in your environment, functionally who these “assets” are assigned to, important data attributes about these assets, and forcing process adherence are important to lowering the enterprise risk profile, as well as maintaining or increasing business productivity/continuity under the current operating environment. 

With a subscription-based infrastructure model, many SaaS applications are required for end-user productivity, and more hardware devices than ever before are needed in the corporate environment per end-user, triggering a new set of challenges for Enterprise Technology Orchestration.

These operational security competencies are extremely process-oriented and with the consistent theme of IT needing to do more with fewer resources, automation at scale is the only means to accomplish it. Oomnitza’s SaaS-based ETO platform is a tool uniquely positioned to be implemented quickly and accessed through any browser to enable business continuity as well as enforce operation security in these uncertain times. With this context, your end-user services team can be “there” without actually being there by seeing all assets assigned to the requestor of a ticket versus having no idea.

In these uncertain times, IT and business operators can rest assured that ETO at scale can enable businesses to run more efficiently in disparate locations, enforce established processes, and allow operators to know what is in their environment, who it’s assigned to, and other important attributes until we can reconvene in person. Or, will we find that supporting remote workforces and enabling our colleagues to work wherever they deem fit isn’t such a bad idea after all?

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post. Our thoughts are with everyone and we realize that there are personally more important things to buy like preparedness & safety items. If enterprise security is keeping you up at night in this new reality, if you want your end-user services team to be “there” without actually being there, reach out to Oomnitza to discuss ETO best practices for a remote workforce and we’d be happy to share! Stay safe, stay healthy, and wash your hands!

Lorin Bartlett   Account Executive