Author: Dan Ortega

Oomnitza’s Fall ’20 Release – Holistic Integration

Oomnitza’s Holistic Integration upgrade offers a suite of new features and enhancements designed to expand Oomnitza’s reach across your IT estate. By tapping into a multitude of new sources of

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CPRA reqs. on Enterprise Technology Orchestration

In the General Election in November, voters in California approved the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA)  – and every IT leader should pay attention. The new regulations amends the CCPA

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Aligning Enterprise IT Portfolios with Business Objectives

IT, and specifically how IT assets are managed and orchestrated, often exists in a bubble separate from lines of business that generate revenue or are customer-facing. This can cause significant

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Enterprise Technology Orchestration and Compliance

Compliance processes in the enterprise have always been siloed. The compliance team or outside consultants running a compliance process normally have a 10,000 foot view. They can usually list the

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The Big Picture on Enterprise Technology Orchestration

There are multiple, pervasive trends driving how enterprises interact with their IT ecosystem. These trends affect everyone’s day to day workflow, as well as any experience of their customers. Understanding

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